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The Financial Benefits of Spend on Security

Do you think spending on security is a necessary evil? The money could be spent instead on gaining new customers, retaining more existing customers, reducing the time it takes to deliver a new product to market, or reducing the cost of goods sold. So why do organizations spend money on security? For senior managers it’s… more »

Recent Research Reports

Mobility and the Future of the PC

What will you be using for a PC in 2015 or in 2020? In this provocative report on the relationship between mobility and PCs, Wellington Research presents the research and prognostications covering trends covering tablet computers, smartphones, laptops and PCs to analyze the evolution of the future PC. Purveyors of the leading PC form-factor of… more »

Managing and Communicating the Business Risk of IT

What sets the leaders apart from 9-in-10 other firms when it comes to managing risk related to the uses of IT? Its’ not technology and it’s not complex mathematics in calculating risk scores. Instead, what sets the leaders apart from all others are a number of practices, including: – Senior business leaders who own the… more »

Vendor Risk Management for IT

For some, managing IT has become a full-time job of managing vendor-delivered IT services. But for others, managing vendors that deliver information or IT resources is just a small part of what needs to be done. The early-stages of IT outsourcing – discrete in its focus and limited in extent – has evolved to include:… more »