Carrier IQ, the Spy Files, and More

Carrier IQ: Where is your data – today?

The most recent revelations that your sensitive data and personal data are being controlled, purchased and sold by others came to light last week with the Carrier IQ revelations made by Trevor Eckhart. In addition to his own video detailing what he found, there’s been a deluge of opinion and analysis of what might be going on, what it might mean, what it might not mean, etc.

We’re simply carrying links to the original video of Trevor showing what actually happens when CarrierIQ is found on phones, and a fairly straigtforward piece of analysis frrom the folks at engadget.

Eckhart source:

Rootkit called Carrier IQ discovered phoning home with user data

Engadget analysis:

Carrier IQ: What it is, what it isn’t, and what you need to know


The Spy Files: where is your data – today?

Ready for the next installment from the folks at WikiLeaks? Lot’s of private government-contractors willing to sell anyone and any government all-manner-of-surveillance tricks and technology. Not a surprise, but the sheer size of the revelations indicate an out-of-control market in the tools needed to steal your companies sensitive information is not limited to criminal gangs, state-sponsored theft, and Internet distribution channels.

Wikileaks source:

The Spy Files Map

Engadget analysis:

WikiLeaks’ Spy Files shed light on the corporate side of government surveillance


Garden variety where is your data – today?

And for garden variety data breaches of the past few days, we’ve selected just three, given all the attention lavished on CarrierIQ and the SpyFiles.


11/30:  The College of NJ

Campus Student Employment System compromised resulting in Exposure of PII data


11/28:  United Nations (again)

Old UN electronic accounts acquired and posted by hackers


11/25:  Korean Maple Story Users

Maple Story players have PII data stolen by hackers

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