C-Level Secrets of the IT Masters

Ever wonder why — and more importantly how —just 1-in-10 organizations are able to leverage IT for competitive advantage?  The latest research from the IT Policy Compliance Group unveils the strategies, management tactics and tools that are consistently being used by the best performing organizations to maximize value and minimize risk for IT.

Research findings covered in the report, How the Masters of IT Deliver More Value and Less Risk, include:

  • GDP growth rates, corporate revenue and profits
  • Revenue, profit, customer retention outcomes
  • Spending on IT and outcomes
  • Largest business risks related to the use of IT
  • Business risk outcomes
  • Who manages value and risk related to the use of IT
  • Strategic management tools
  • Tools for reporting and managing value and risk
  • GRC tools
  • Sources of information
  • Systems of record
  • Timeliness of assessments
  • Reporting and managing value and risk

The diagram below illustrates the key strategic management tools used by the C-Level masters of IT, including COBIT, IT Balanced Scorecards, IT Portfolio Management and Strategic IT Maps.
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The choices made by the masters of IT impact both top- and bottom- line results of organizations, from revenue and profit, to financial exposure from business downtime, lost and stolen customer data and spend on audit. The chart below shows how top-line growth can be dramatically improved by the choices made to manage the value delivered by IT.

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

The masters of IT do things very differently than all others. Find out today what these organizations and people do, how they do it, and why it’s important to your organization.

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Once I read through the research, I realized this is the real deal. — Senior partner, Audit Firm

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