Data Driven Reporting and Communications about IT

Are you always being asked to do more with fewer resources, less time and lower budgets for IT and  information security?

Then it’s time to learn from the best performers who always have more resources, more time and larger budgets for IT and information security and who consistently report and communicate what the business impacts are of using IT. Almost all (8-in-10) of these firms say their reporting and communications about IT influences the decisions being made about IT by senior management, senior business leaders and other stakeholders.

In sharp contrast, 8-in-10 of the worst performers do not report or communicate about the value and risks of using IT, to anyone. And, only 1-in-10 of these organizations say that what’s communicated has any influence on decisions being made about IT by senior managers and other stakeholders.

However, the vast majority of organizations operate somewhere between the worst and best performers. Spending more than the worst performers and less than the best performers, reporting and communication about IT at these organizations is clouded in tech-talk, unconnected to the business of the organization, and too infrequent to be meaningful. Only half of these organizations say their communications about IT makes any difference to decisions made by senior managers.

Find out about the data driven reporting and communication techniques of the best performers; learn what to do to make IT as integral to the business of your organization as business units are; make IT central to increases in revenue and profits; and make information security business-relevant to stakeholders to reduce loss or theft of sensitive information, business downtime and problems with audit among other risks.

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